Bank Promotion Activity at Shopping Mall

We regularly do road show event for banks. It draws in the crowd and create a fun activity for customers and other family members who tag along to the bank on a weekend. Here are some fun drawings during a 4-hour engagement at Northpoint shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon (6th April 2013). These are typically done in 3 minutes – we’re not bluffing.




“Now and Forever” KTV Wedding Caricature


This Karaoke theme Wedding Caricature depicts the groom serenading his lovely bride with the song title “Now and Forever “. The groom is holding a microphone with his left hand while his right hand is holding onto the bride’s hand as he kneels. He sings to her “Until the day the ocean doesn’t touch the sand, Now and Forever I will be your man – Now and Forever I will be your man” And as for the background we gave them the KTV signage with colorful confetti peppering from above.