Museum Night Festival

The museums were open till two in the morning and for free. They organised a concert and carnival outside the museums with lots of activities to draw in the public. We were engaged to draw caricatures on the final weekend (Friday and Saturday). It was a long stretch assignment from 6pm till 2am. The respond was overwhelming. We like to think its because we are good but the truth is that it is free and accessible to the public which was the reason we were swarmed with a long queue that makes it impossible for us to take a break. We were in high gear drawing at 2-3 minutes per head and was rather liberal with the exaggeration. The crowd loves it and we forgot that we missed dinner, supper and sleep. Our friend William sit in on Saturday night. Kamal came in later to lend a helping hand after his performance at the Esplanade as the crowd was overwhelming. So there were three of us drawing as fast as we could to please the crowd. Phew…

Caricature artist Ye Ruoshi standing at the Singapore museums night festival
Our free caricature booth at the Singapore Museums Night Festival. We were paid handsomely by the organisers but public gets it free.
Singapore caricature artist Ye Ruoshi funny drawings for public entertainment
Ye Ruoshi unleashed her loose and exaggerated style to create funny drawings for public entertainment
Kamal's style is more minimalistic yet entertaining.
Kamal's style focus on the efficiency of line qualities for a minimalistic yet entertaining effect.

Volunteering at Cerebral Palsy Centre

To give is to receive. Spastic Children’s Association School, Cerebral Palsy Centre held an art exhibition to celebrate Racial Harmony Day. I volunteered to entertain the students and staff of this special school by drawing their caricatures. The children love it so much that a queue of wheelchairs soon ensued. The experience of making them smile over a simple drawing is priceless.

It was also a happy moment for the staff.

Self Inflicted Caricatures of Caricaturists

We were often asked “Do you draw yourself?” Off course we do. How do you suppose we get started? Occasionally, we revisit this subject for a dose of our own medicine.

Singapore Caricature Artist Kamal Dollah Caricatured by Ye Ruoshi
Ye Ruoshi caricatures Kamal Dollah

Ye Ruoshi the artist caricatures herself as a painter in Cheong Sam
Ye Ruoshi’s self inflicted caricature

Kamal caricatures himself with mild extremity on the teeth formation
Kamal Dollah caricatures himself with his enormous bling! That’s a lot of work for his dentist.

Graduation Caricature for a Sporty Engineer

Caricature of graduate in mortar board hat and academic robe of NUS Engineering

The graduate is a hunk with a fair balance of sports and academic achievements. We drew him in his robe bearing the colours of National University of Singapore (NUS) Engineering faculty. He had books in one hand and dumbell in the other. Since this caricature is a graduation present commissioned by his girlfriend, we showed his romantic achievements as well with the heart patterned polka dot boxer shorts.

Caricature of Superman Wannabe

Ruoshi’s second victim is her eldest son. Three-year-old Mahsuri Bin Mohamed Kamal ditched his fanaticism of Spiderman for the ‘man-of-steel’. He creates quite a storm at bath time when anyone tries to remove his favourite Superman costume.

Boy in Superman costume doing a flight simulation with bad Elvis hairdo and sideburns

“I must have been a bad boy these days that mom drew me having a bad Elvis hairdo with ugly sideburns and all. Hey, they even printed it on a T-shirt to make me advertise their services”.