Empress Dowager and Family

Family caricature portrait in cartoon picture
Fancy being an empress dowager in the forbidden city? Call us and Bam! Its done. This client ordered a caricature for her boss as the cucumber man – she said it moved her retiring boss to tears (we hope she meant Joyful tears). She came back and requested a family caricature and several other caricatures for her other boss and friends. Not only that, Ruoshi is now tutoring her daughter in art.

Gift for boss who likes to play golf. Caricature of golfer swinging his club.
cartoon drawing of sexy girlfriend on the beach for birthday gift

Stealing sand for reclamation and surfing on a shark

Caricature of construction company boss
A customer who engaged us for a farewell gift and drawing ‘live’ at the farewell dinner commisioned another two caricatures. Its for her other boss who dreams of getting sand from Malaysia and Indonesia to do more reclamation projects in Singapore. Its an insiders joke, trading of sand is a touchy issue with our immediate neighbours.

The other piece is of her daughter who is in the national sailing team. She wanted to be surfin with the sharks. That was a fun picture.

Surfer cartoon caricature drawing of a sporty girl

Formula One Concept for Boss’ Birthday Gift

This is the boss of an insurance agency who was a famous celebrity. The staff pool in to get her this special gift. Singapore is abuzz with the upcoming formula race in September this year which will feature the very first night race. We like the imagery of a united team with  a driver backed by a wondeful pit stop crew with voluptuous race queens.

Formula one Singapore Race cartoon caricature
The full picture which included their building.

Farewell gift to HR Boss of Fitch Ratings

Caricature with Singapore skyline and merlion
Setting the theme based on the interest of the main person helps to make a nice picture. The key person here likes running, so we presented the whole department as a running team. She is an expatriate and would reminisce her time in Singapore, so we included  a simplified Singapore skyline which included the newly completed Singapore flyer and our national tourism icon – the Merlion.

Caricature booth at Parkway Parade Art-A-Fair

Caricature retail booth at parkway parade art fair

The weekend (8 & 9th March) was a busy one for us. We were invited to participated in the Parkway Parade’s Art-A-Fair for the second time. This time we introduced speed colour caricature drawings on-the-spot, which was such a hit with the shoppers that we were busy drawing from 10am-10pm. Customers were game for exaggerations and they were fun to draw. It was satisfying for the customers and entertaining for the other shoppers that pile up behind us and because we were visible from the atrium there were many more spectators peering down from the balconies above us.

Spiderman caricatures and other superhero cartoon drawing by artists in Singapore
There were countless requests for Spiderman and other superheroes at Kamal’s station…

Cheerleader, fairies and ballerina caricature drawn by Singapore Caricaturists for children
Cheerleader, fairies and ballerina caricature drawn by Singapore Caricature artists for children birthday parties

… cheerleaders, ballerinas and fairies aplenty at Ruoshi’s station.

Portrait artist and caricature artist trainee at caricature booth
We had help from Shireen (foreground) who administer the sales and we also featured our old friend and watercolour mentor Mr. Idris (background) who offered tradional portrait drawing with pencil.

Art appreciation in Singapore for the masses at public event by Singaporean artists
Kamal was in hat and shades because the sun shines through the atrium at times, making it too bright to see properly. Looking like an artist with a bad attitude was just accidental.


Cartoon.sg logo for commercial caricature drawing services in Singapore
Its official now. Now that we’ve launched our new logo at the fair.