Sitting in a Haystack – Birthday Gift Caricature Drawing

We don’t know the background story for the haystack. Just draw what we’re told and we do our best to make it come alive. This is for a lady turning forty and she was described as often wearing white top with black pencil dress and always using her blackberry.

Farewell Gift Group Caricature Drawing for Bank Executives

2011-05-25-standard chartered-ducktour-singaporebay-group-caricature-480px
You see these ‘Ducks’ all the time in the financial district of Singapore. They’re amphibious military landing craft modified for civilian use to take tourists around the city and cruise the scenic bay area. So we thought we used this theme for a farewell gift and the customers love it.

Wedding Couple on a Mountain Bike Thematic Caricature

2011-05-24 couple on bicycle wedding caricature
This is a wedding gift to a couple who loves the outdoor, especially cycling on the southern islands. Now that’s a novel idea to save on bridal car rental and its environment friendly too.

Oscar Awards Movie Theme Caricature

Its a parting gift for an executive working in the movie industry. His colleagues decided to dress him up in the finest tuxedo, put him in the limelight and give him an Oscar trophy. We threw in the roses to make it all more important.