Family Day Out Carnival Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay

We were engaged to draw at the National Family Celebration 2012 for 8-hours. Drawing ‘live’ on mural also on paper mostly. It was an extremely hot day and the queue was long that we did not take a break and did more than 300 drawings between the two of us.


Birthday Gift for Author and Italian Teacher Who Likes Keeping Beautifully Fit


Rock Theme @ Dynamic Tour MBS – Live Caricature Event

Amidst the busy day of drawing and painting in our studio, Cartoon.SG made time for an event held by Dynamic Tour. We were given the opportunity to make the event much more worthwhile by drawing LIVE caricature of the guests during the mentioned event. Held at Marina Bay Sands, we were greeted by “Rock” clad costume waiters and waitresses, which made the event even more lively.








Youth.Sg Relaunch Event – Digital LIVE caricature

Live Digital Caricature drawing for the relaunch event of Youth.Sg at *scape


Caricature Basking At Orchard Road Singapore

Some days we just have to get-real and go basking on the streets for a reality check. Its fun actually.

Its not all that easy as it sounds. An artist must have endorsement letter from the authorities to bask at designated locations in Singapore. And for that to happen he has to pass an audition by a panel annually. The best part is that we cannot name a price. Its up to the public to pay you what they wish. 😮

I am an endorsed street entertainer and I do basking from time to time for the realistic aspect of the caricature art-form. A lot of my contemporary around the world are street based and I have high regards for their craftsmanship. Then again there are  con-man, nuisance and illegal aliens out there eyeing to prey on our streets so I’m not fretting about the tight procedure for basking permit as that keeps it safe from culprits who give caricaturists and other local street entertainers a bad rap.

So if you see an endorsed entertainers on the sterile streets of Singapore. Be generous. 🙂 caricaturistcaricature basking at Orchard