The perfect wedding gift.


A friend would like to have a caricature of her best friend done in time for her wedding. Her requests we made over email accompanied with images.

It would be for my friend, who is getting married in June.  She spent the henn’s night in Paris. 

I’d like to place the order for an A3 full body single person caricature including the drawing of the Eiffel Tower and my friend sitting on the pony.
 The dress that my friend is wearing should be in red, like the one she is wearing in the attached photo.


Caricature for Japanese boss

2013-04-12-TMAP-Customer-First-Group-Ski-Mountain-Golf 2013-04-15-TMAP-Customer-First-Group--Golf-Singapore-Merlion-Japense-Couple-Boss

A returning customer who requested for another 2 caricature for her other bosses.

So in summary,

Request 1
A couple portrait as per attached photo

Description to be drawn:
– Male and Female Playing golf
– Singapore landscape
– Do not draw mustache for the male

Request 2

A single portrait as per attached photo,

Description to be drawn:
– Male skiing on a Ski mountain towards the foreground
– Foreground to be a gold course as he likes both skiing and golf