Wedding Proposal Caricature Stunt

This guy has a brilliant idea of proposing to his girlfriend. He contacted us to help him with his proposal idea. His required to have us bask on the street in Orchard road and he’ll bring her to our basking area on Valentine day. The girlfriend does not suspect anything but we already had this pre-drawn and drew a quick black & white piece on the spot ¬†before popping out this coloured piece. She said ‘Yes!’

Thumbs up Coca Cola Caricature Farewell Gift

Untitled-3Our client request us to drew a caricature of his colleague as a farewell gift, as he would be leaving the company. He requested us to drew a similar caricature which he had seen from our blogs and to make a minor adjustment for example the text in the background and instead of holding a card, he would like the caricature of his friend to be doing a “thumbs up”.