Caricature for Nokia Executive as Farewell Gift.


He is giving up the rat-race and going back to Serawak for the simpler life. We drew him becoming an Iban warrior doing the warrior dance on a longhouse bamboo floor and tossing away his laptop. The Ibans are a head-hunter tribe in Serawak.

American Football Caricature For A New England Patriots Fan

The nice people at an investment firm Crescent Point wanted a special gift for their colleague’s 40th birthday. Rick is an American who is crazy about the New England Patriots. We made sure we got the details right, including the costume of the cheerleaders cheering him on.


Fathers Day Gift: Caricature of An Artist Painting A Church.

Its a gift for a distance relative who likes to paint.
Its a gift caricature for the client's father who lives in Germany. He probably loves to paint, that was why they requested for this body situation (theme). Which brings to mind - now is a good time to order your fathers' day gift caricature.

We got their feedback: “Its amazing! Thanks a million for the masterpiece artwork, it represents my dad very well, maybe your first piece that will decorate a German living room.”

Fairouz & Karl

TV Feature On Caricatures By Kamal Dollah

We finally made time to upload this segment on Youtube. We had an earlier post on the making-of but here it is for the benefit of those of you who missed the broadcast of “I will survive” hosted by Elizabeth Tan on 21st March 8:30pm OKTO channel.