Church Wedding Invite Caricature for High Flying Couple

Singapore Airlines Pilot weds Singapore Girl caricature at the church with his boeing 777 parked outside

Love is definitely in the air when a pilot weds an air stewardess. The bride requested for numerous meaningful elements to be include into this picture which was intended for their church wedding invite. Inititally it seems impossible to put them together into a decent composition but I think I managed rather well when I received her SMS.

Thank u Kamal! I just saw it, its lovely 🙂 The theme is exactly what I was looking for 🙂 …

Bukit Panjang Primary Caricature School Talk

Buki Panjang Primary Caricature School Talk
Buki Panjang Primary Caricature School Talk
Buki Panjang Primary Caricature School Talk

We did an assembly talk and demonstration on the art of caricatures at Bukit Panjang Primary School. The presentation was simplified so that primary school students could understand the concept. Following that, Ruoshi demonstrated her ‘Live’ caricature skills to the delight and laughters of the entire school. This 20 minute programme was run for the morning as well as the afternoon session.

My boyfiend is a footballer

Footballer cartoon caricature drawing by Singapore caricaturist. Soccer cartoon

This is for a repeat customer who is very much in love with his boyfriend Keita Boubacar. He used to play with the Wariors in the S-league but now with the Pahang state in Malaysia. The instructions are:

• Soccer Player,
• Jersey number 6 Singapore Armed Forces (SAF),
• Crazy about his laptop and internet,
• Love orange juice.

This is the comment I got from her upon receiving the drawing:

You are madness! It looks so like him… esp. the buck tooth. Ha Ha I couldn’t stop laughing.
Thanks it is really well done 🙂 I hope he likes it as much as I do.