Marathon Themed Couple Caricature


She dropped us an email informing us that she would like to do a couple,wedding caricature of themselves. In her email, she furnish us with the details of how she would like us to draw them in. Below are the  brief descriptive details which was provided:

…Both of us love running and so I thought you could have us in a marathon theme, holding hands, in my wedding dress and his tuxedo (including the race bib). And with this few places in the background: 1. The building of our secondary school (I will send the photo once I got it), 2. Merlion, 3. The Changi Airport Control tower with airplane flying over it…

Armed and Romantic on a Plane – Wedding Couple Caricature.

Groom is armed with AUG Steyr rifle and bride is drunk with Champagne.

He request to personalized his wedding caricature based on an earlier drawing we did of another couple on a plane:

We are getting married in Phuket, so there is no need to have the detail of Singapore underneath the aircraft. Perhaps some tropical island setting? However is there any chance of making the aircraft similar to an Qantas A380 (4 engines), but still with the love hearts. eg. same picture of the aircraft just with an extra engine on each side.We would like to have an A3 size picture with a border around the outside, so it can be signed by guests at our wedding.To personalise the pictures we would like to have the following:
Glen: Black Tuxedo Suit holding a “AUG Steyr Rifle” (see attached picture)
Michelle: White wedding dress holding a glass / flute of champagne
Perhaps we could be the reverse of the drawing provided ie Glen on the left side of the picture (where the woman currently is), with the weapon in my right hand. Then Michelle can have the glass of champagne in her left hand.

Victorian Theme Wedding Caricature


This newly wed couple wish to depict themselves in a Victorian themed caricature. Therefore we gave the lady a beautiful yellow Victorian gown and she’s holding onto a bouquet of purple flowers in one hand while another is draped around her partner’s arm. As for the gentleman , we don him in a Victorian suit that consist of a yellow vest, a light brown tie, a nice long coat with matching brown pants and black shoes. This range of colours help to add some vintage touches to the drawing.  For the background, we drew a castle with hedges, green grasses with bushes of red flowers to complete the look.

Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary caricature with frame


The customer placed a caricature order for her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary as a gift. As her parents would be going to the Taj Mahal for their wedding anniversary trip, she decided to have it as a theme for her parent’s caricature and gave us a couple of specifications to work with. She wanted them to be clad in their comfortable home clothings with her father doing gardening while her mother fishing at a pond. She wishes to include their family golden retriever in the caricature as well. At the background, there is the tour destination which is the Taj Mahal.

Cute Elderly Couple Caricature


This caricature is ordered as a gift for this cute elderly couple by their friend. The man is wearing a lovely blue business suit while his wife is wearing a nice red dress with both of her hands place in front of her in a very gentle manner. The couple’s spectacles are caricatured in an interesting manner that brought out their features distinctively. Their office building is drawn in the background.

“Now and Forever” KTV Wedding Caricature


This Karaoke theme Wedding Caricature depicts the groom serenading his lovely bride with the song title “Now and Forever “. The groom is holding a microphone with his left hand while his right hand is holding onto the bride’s hand as he kneels. He sings to her “Until the day the ocean doesn’t touch the sand, Now and Forever I will be your man – Now and Forever I will be your man” And as for the background we gave them the KTV signage with colorful confetti peppering from above.

The Bridegroom Carries His Lovely Bride


A  gift for his brother wedding, he decided to give him a wedding caricature from us. He wants it to be simple with nothing fancy or elaborate. So we gave him this piece whereby the bridegroom carries the bride and both of them are smiling almost in a goof grin like manner. Both of them are attired in their wedding clothing with the bride carrying a bouquet of red roses. As for the backdrop we give them the ocean with vanishing cityscape to show the distance between them and the city.

Wedding Proposal Picnic At The Beach


This  gentleman has decided to ask a wedding proposal to his lady by going down on one knee, while his right hand holding a diamond ring and his left hand a bouquet of sunflowers , he then asked her  “Will You Marry Me?”. The lady’s bubble speech was left blank so that she would be able to fill up her answer.