The perfect wedding gift.


A friend would like to have a caricature of her best friend done in time for her wedding. Her requests we made over email accompanied with images.

It would be for my friend, who is getting married in June.  She spent the henn’s night in Paris. 

I’d like to place the order for an A3 full body single person caricature including the drawing of the Eiffel Tower and my friend sitting on the pony.
 The dress that my friend is wearing should be in red, like the one she is wearing in the attached photo.


Birthday Guy in Black Nissan Latio Car with A Cheetah Holding Starbucks Coffee


As you can see, this is not our typical caricature order as there a lot of special requirements which our lady client has requested. The list of details are as follows:

1. Background is the Alexandra Arch near Hort Park (photo attached for your ref) 2. Lead character is a 27 year old young man, who is often in corporate attire – shirt (without tie), black pants and black leather shoes. He is often in white shirt, or red/white stripe shirt with white collars, or navy blue/white stripe shirt with navy blue collars. 3. He should be in the driver seat of a small black car (Nissan Latio), with iPhone in one hand. 4. A cheetah sits obediently in his car, holding up a Starbucks coffee cup (somehow) for him. Or the Starbucks coffee cup can appear somewhere within the car or in the driver’s hands. Or the car can be driving thru a Starbucks outlet. Point is, he is a Starbucks fan. 5. Cheetah has a choker around her neck with a tag that reads the letter ‘V’. 6. The young man is being chased by a Japanese woman (perhaps in kimono?) and a Dutch lady (in milk maid attire). One of the women holds an employment contract in her hands, chasing him to sign it. 7. This is for his birthday, so will be good if there can be a small birthday cake with candles for 27 drawn somewhere. Not sure where to place it or someone to hold it. Shall leave it to your creativity. 8. Would like to fit in a terracotta warrior somewhere. Again, not sure where and how. The reason for terracotta warrior to be included is that we enjoyed a terracotta exhibition very much. Perhaps the terracotta warrior chases him together with the women?

Triathlon Biker Holding a Pint of Guinness for 40th Birthday Gift

Crossing the 40 year old mile stone with a Guinness.
The caricature above is drawn base on our client’s descriptive details:
“…This caricature would be for my husbands 40th birthday this coming Friday.  As I said he’s turning 40, is currently training for a triathlon so its all all about swimming , running and cycling these days!. He loves his pints of Guinness and is obsessed with good men watches like Rolex for example and i was thinking of something to depict the triathlon training ( cycling ), with a pint of Guinness in his hand (checkout and a big Rolex watch in the other…”

Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary caricature with frame


The customer placed a caricature order for her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary as a gift. As her parents would be going to the Taj Mahal for their wedding anniversary trip, she decided to have it as a theme for her parent’s caricature and gave us a couple of specifications to work with. She wanted them to be clad in their comfortable home clothings with her father doing gardening while her mother fishing at a pond. She wishes to include their family golden retriever in the caricature as well. At the background, there is the tour destination which is the Taj Mahal.

Cute Elderly Couple Caricature


This caricature is ordered as a gift for this cute elderly couple by their friend. The man is wearing a lovely blue business suit while his wife is wearing a nice red dress with both of her hands place in front of her in a very gentle manner. The couple’s spectacles are caricatured in an interesting manner that brought out their features distinctively. Their office building is drawn in the background.