Active Lifestyle for Senior Citizens – Caricature Graphics

This is for a Community Development Council’s programme for the elderly to promote active lifestyle. Reference photos of their seniors were provided just for reference. This illustration is likely to be used in their publicity materials and promotional campaigns. So you know who’s to blame if you see old folks with this quirky cartoon image on their t-shirts.

Cartoon style Illustration caricature  of elderly person engaging in active lifestyle. Singapore


Blackmatch Racing Team Sponsored by FedEx – Gift Caricature Drawing

Fedex gift to their sponsored sailors from New Zealand. Client requested that we leave some space at the bottom for them to add their personal message and signatures.5 man sailing on yacth caricature

Career Opportunity as Caricature Artists (Caricaturist)

If you are passionate about drawing and love entertaining people, would you consider being a professional caricaturist? We have vacancy for full-time caricature artists to join our team at Cartoon.SG. We may consider permanent part-timers (fixed schedule) if you are skilled but no freelancers please.

We draw funny faces all day in the studio and in public. It is a fun job like no other that is highly specialized. Basic requirement is that you can draw well and can interact with people. Specialist training in caricatures will be provided in-house. Applicant with formal design or art training (diploma and above) is preferred as you would have the basic skills required for training. Those with proven capability in drawing, painting and illustration are welcome to apply. Teaching experience would be an advantage.

You’ll earn a decent basic salary plus commission. Due to confidentiality we’ll disclose the figure at the interview. You may indicate your expected salary in your application if you wish.

Please send in your CV and portfolio by email to Portfolio must demonstrate your drawing ability which should include 5 drawings of a recognizable face. Include the link to your online portfolio or attach the images (600 pixel width at 72 dpi in jpeg format should be sufficient). Only shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

Application by email only:

Superstar Lady Singer – Birthday Gift Caricature Drawing

caricature of a lady superstar diva singer with microphone for birthday gift

This was a birthday gift for a young lady who sings in a band. We made the body more curvaceous and that is flattering to the guys who chipped in for the gift.

Appreciation Gift Caricature Drawing for Manager of Publishing Company

Manager with white hard hat caricature. Smiling with stacks of book.

This is an appreciation gift for a manager-in-charge of shifting a publishing and distribution facility of a big publishing company. He often holds a blue loud hailer during the operation.

Bikini Lady By The Beach- Gift Caricature Drawing

Caricature of lady in bikini by the beach

A poolside party in Phuket, looking great in a gorgeous bikini with high heels holding on to a cocktail with a little umbrella; that was how she requested her best friend to be drawn as. A surprise caricature drawing gift to remind her of the great birthday party.

Christian Dior Fairytale Night Dinner and Dance – Live Caricature Drawing

Artist Ye Ruoshi drawing caricature during a recent Christian Dior EventKIng shows off caricature of himself


An hour ‘Live’ caricature drawing event engagement by Christian Dior during their company’s dinner and dance. Their theme for the night was Fairytale.

An Event Company Dinner and Dance – Charcoal Caricature Live Drawing Event

Indian guy smiling with his charcoal caricatureWomen showing off caricature of herself by


Sometimes event company wants us to draw in charcoal instead of normal marker technique for caricature drawing.