Chinese New Year 2011 – Celebrity Caricature Drawing

An event company hired us to draw famous Mediacorp comedians Henry Thia (Hue Ge) and Mark Lee for their email campaign. Its for a Chinese New Year promotion.
Studio Caricature for Mark Lee and friend for Chinese New Year 2011
Wishing everybody a prosperous Lunar New Year of the rabbit.

HP Digital @ City Square – Digital ‘LIVE’ Caricature

Our fruitful collaboration with HP Digital centre has taken us another step closer to create more awareness about our digital caricature service.
Lots of curious folks from the young and the old and from all walks of life, came to see whats the buzz about.

RC Block Party @ Bukit Batok West

Block Party is never the same with us adding to the booming laughter and crowds of Singaporeans from all walks of life.

We were greeted with enthusiam and curiosity as our caricaturist, Ruoshi, woo the crowds with her skills. It was so overwhelming that we forgot to take pictures till the party is over.

Caricature Artist drawing while surrounded by other guest.

ST Engineering – Digital ‘LIVE’ Caricature

Cartoon.SG was given the opportunity to unleash some fun and laughter at one the the respectable event organised by ST Engineering.

To make it memorable, we unveil our hot and sought after DIGITAL caricature service which makes head turns in awe.

Digital Caricature by our Caricature artist at workGuy happily showing off his digital caricature

Valentine Day Gift Caricatures – Couple On a Scooter with Puppy

February is approaching which explains why we are drawing a lot of couples lately. A caricature drawing really is a good Valentine day gift. You will continue to enjoy it long after the roses has withered, the chocolate has melted or past its expiry date and what’s left of that posh candlelight dinner was just a fleeting memory… but you’ll still have this funny drawing on your wall to laugh at together and we wish your relationship last till old age and by that time this original piece of art could be worth millions so you can bequeath it to your descendants if your CPF don’t quite make it (sorry I got carried away, I’ve been eating expired chocolates it seems).

But be warned! Do not get a caricature gift if one or both of you lack the humility to laugh at your own appearance. This gift option is only for the cool people who can imagine funny ideas for an original gift. 😀

Wooahhh… before you get all excited about barging into our studio to demand for an on-the-spot treatment, please note that we draw from photographs and standard order is completed in 7 days. Off course we have other options so please call 6297 8313 to discuss with Ms Suhailah if you have any question.

Couple holding A puppy on a acooter
Happy couple on a black scooter with their dog.

Night Roving Caricature Artists for 2010/2011 Countdown @ Marina Bay

The Marina Bay area was party central on new year eve. Its especially special celebration this year culminating with a full eight-minute firework celebrating the completion of the Marina Bay area development. The area is now a breathtaking sight of the bay area, Integrated Resort and the central business district.

The previous year we had only one artist performing. Due to outstanding response from the public two artists, Kamal and Ruoshi were engaged this time. The Esplanade wanted a fresh entertainment format and suggested caricature artists roaming at night. This gave us an opportunity to introduce our new set-up for roving at night. Our artists dressed in colourful outfit walked among the crowd and drew selectively. They had a customised clipboard designed for fast drawing at speed of up to 25 drawings per hour and hands-free movement when handing over the drawing. It has enough lights to illuminate the drawing board and subject. Not only that, they were accessorized with glow-in-the-dark lights to attract the crowd. With this new set-up, we could practically draw in total darkness and we did test it out that night by walking into dark areas. And our artist are able to draw standing, squatting, kneeling or seated on the floor or chair.

The set-up worked well outdoor and also indoors as we moved on later in the evening to draw guests at the VIP Lounge of the floating platform. This is the best job of the year as its fun and it ends just before midnight to party! Happy 2011 everyone and thank you for your support.

Ye Roushi - One of our reputable senior caricaturist
Trying out our new Live multi purpose set up for live caricature

Caricature artist at work with a smile at the marina bay countdown 2010-2011Live Caricature by ArtistOur caricature artist being surrounded by curious public at EsplanadeGetting a caricature done by our caricature artist with a smileOur Artist interacting with a smile while the lady waits for her caricature to be done


First Intake Caricature Class Graduates

It was a night filled with new found confidence as the students of our first intake caricature class plastered the classroom walls with crazy caricature of each other on their last of eight weekly sessions. Mentored by the Mr. Kamal Dollah, founder of Cartoon.SG, this batch of students came from all walks of life and varying level of drawing proficiency yet they all improved their drawing in the end. This is a starter level programme and the focus is drilling to in the fundamentals of caricature drawing that is Likeness, Exaggeration and Humour.

For more info on our classes on the art of caricaturing please visit this link :Cartoon.SG Caricature Drawing Class

Art Class Student of Cartoon.Sg completing their caricature drawing lesson on how to draw funny cartoon faces.Caricature students concentrating on a subject matter to get likeness Caricature students concentrating on a subject matter to get likeness

Career Centre,North East Community Development Council- ‘Live’ Caricature Event

A private company function at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport, Terminal 3, Alstonia Room. The event which was held on the 15th September 2010 was engaged by the Career Centre at North East Community Development Council.

Career Centre,North East Community Development Council - 'Live' Caricature Event
Career Centre,North East Community Development Council - 'Live' Caricature Event