Artist Profile

Our artists are full-time employees with formal art education coupled with intensive in-house training on advance caricature techniques. We draw ‘Live’ daily at the biggest theme park in Singapore and occasionally at events. Our artists also work in the studio with traditional medium or digitally rendered caricature. Our artists are supported by a dedicated team of admin staff.



Founder and principal artist of Cartoon.SG, Kamal was the first South East Asian artist to be accepted into the International Society of Caricature Artist. He pioneers ‘live’ digital caricature in Asia in the year 2008 and has drawn caricatures at various parties, conventions and events ranging from intimate birthday parties to huge international events around the world. He amazes his audience with his quick with humorous drawing style.

Kamal is a multi-disciplined artist and art educator with specialty in various mediums, ranging from traditional craft of batik to contemporary art. Career in visual arts since 1994, Kamal attained his Master of Arts degree in Contemporary Practice from the University of Huddersfield (UK) at NAFA in 2007. He is also an associate faculty for BSc Multimedia at SIM university and is an appointed Art Enrichment provider by the National Arts Council.



Senior caricature artist Ruoshi graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1993. She was an experienced illustrator and graphic designer before becoming a full-time painter in 2004. She has attended caricature conventions in the USA and Japan. She was featured in a full length TV documentary ‘Colour Maestro’ in 2009. Her paintings are sought by collectors locally and abroad. Ye Ruoshi has an elegant disposition and is highly sought after for corporate events or childrens’ party. She brings joy to the people around her with her quick and flattering caricature drawings.



Alice is petite and she draws cute. She joined our team in May of 2011 upon graduation as illustration major from Dasein Academy of Art. She was part of the pioneer team of artists to ever draw caricatures at Universal Studios Singapore.



Hafiz has a strong interest in comics with many years experience as graphic designers and illustrator for a major publisher of interactive media. He hone in his caricature skills by freelancing for events companies prior to joining our team in November of 2011.



Tank was a concept-artist for an animation company prior to joining our team in August of 2012. He graduated as illustration major from Dasein Academy of Art.



Xinlin was a graphic designer with a passion for drawing so she naturally connected with us. She is so busy drawing that she has yet to give us a self-inflicted caricature to put up here.


Cartoon.SG is a department of Kamal’s Artshop
(Singapore Business Registration no: 53167096A)
Studio Address: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road
Blk E #03-31, Singapore 439053
Tel: (+65) 6344 3369

Kamal Dollah and Hafiz Abdullah are members of:


2 thoughts on “Artist Profile

  1. Saw Kamal in action today @ Northpoint.
    Love his style.
    Wanted my son (birthday boy) to have his caricature done but long Q and rushing for Drum Class.

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