Wedding Caricature With Baloons

” A new journey begin on 29-12-2012 ”   is a simple interactive caricature that consist of a  couple in  wedding attire holding  onto a bunch of balloons together, floating upwards to the sky.  The end product was not framed up as  the couple wanted their guests, those who had  attend the wedding function to leave their thumbprints in the balloon to represent that they had been a part of this wonderful journey.2012-12-17-bridal-balloon-couple-sign-in-board-caricature-singapore-wedding

Our Client requested us to draw a farewell gift for their project director in a orange jumpsuit Olympic Dam uniform with a dust mask attached on his black belt and one hand holding a helmet while another pushing a baby carriage. They wish to place him standing in the center with a set of signposts next to him with one of the signage pointing to the direction of Singapore(distance 2kms) and another direction pointing to Roxby Downs(5970 kms) with a pile of crowd mixture of Caucasian, Indian and Singaporean holding a banner overhead which says “Farewell from 1SAP Team”.