Avatar Caricature for Equity Trader

Our first international customer is from Florida, USA. He sourced the services of several artists online and was disapponted at their inability to give him a decent caricature for use as an avatar. No doubt we are in Singapore, but we travel quite a bit and are well read. As long as you have a credit card and like our style, we can do a caricature for you. Transaction was by Paypal and he was very please with the avatar we emailed to him within a week. Client is an equity trader who loves cycling and we included a logo of the University he attended on the mug. This is a digitally painted caricature, we emailed both low and high resolution files; and also air mailed a colour print.

Digitally painted caricature for use as online avatar. Equity trader and university graduate who loves cycling.
Digitally painted caricature for use as online avatar. Equity trader and university graduate who loves cycling.

HP Alumni D&D Cocktail Entertainment


Ruoshi and Kamal drew at this event gig for HP alumni D&D. In case you have not noticed, our artists are often hired at events, however not all assignment and drawings is posted here. Mostly its for for pre-dinner cocktails to entertain guests and produce unique gifts or momento of the occasion. Other times, its for birthday parties, weddings, family days, corporate meetings, etc. We come pleasantly dressed, draw very fast and humorously. There is more than one of us, so we can draw more people in a shorter time if required. Our artists are USA and Japan trained in the art of party style caricatures, so guests will have an entertaining experience. Call us at 96805094 or email for enquiries.


Four Weddings And No Funeral

We had a busy week drawing studio caricatures of four wedding couples. Every wedding is unique and each have their own little story to tell. They come from different cultural background, which is truly reflective of our multi-racial country Singapore.

The bride ordered this caricature to be framed and placed at the void deck where they will hold their Malay wedding reception. They met on a popular Malay web/chat portal: AnakMelayu.com so we suggested a gag with a speech bubble that translates: "You guys are already on the wedding dais and still chatting". We pasted in the bride and groom photographs into the computer screens and added some mild Malay humor.
This is a mixed marriage for an Indian groom marrying a Chinese bride. So we fall back on our knowledge of Asian art and drew inspiration from Indian miniature paintings and some Chinese motif to come out with this picture of an Indian prince eloping with a Chinese princess on a white horse. We work in a team as always for our drawings. Kamal did the concepts and inking while Ruoshi did the colouring using coloured markers which was very time consuming.
A wedding planner contacted us to draw an A2 size sign-in welcome board for this couple. All we have was their photo on a boat trip to Tioman and another picture of a pink dress that the bride will be wearing. We did our best to add some fun to their wedding.
This is a gift from the sister of the bride to couple who loves to Karaoke and is a Formula One GP (F1) racing fan.

We sincerely wish all the wedding couple a joyous occasion and may they have a blissful life together.

Bugis Street Caricature Entertainment


Bugis street is a notorious place in the 70s and 80s. It was well known for counterfeit products on sale at a bargain, transvestites and shady entertainments back then. I’ve heard stories from artists friends who worked those streets in the glory days drawing portraits and wished I was there – actually I was there but as a boy I was oblivious to all the vices. And when I’m abroad, I often meet old sailors who fondly remember Singapore for her Bugis street.

Its a new Bugis street now, there is good shopping at a bargain in its maze of bazaar stalls and still great food. It is another must visit place when in Singapore.

OK back to work – so I was engaged to entertain or rather pull in the crowd to the launch of ‘Late night shopping @ Bugis Street’. It was a festive atmosphere with percussion troupe and movie stars to grace the occasion and me drawing in the laughs with caricatures and funny captions.

Movie stars May and Choy who played the role of 'Durian' sisters in the movie '881' graced the event.
Movie stars May and Choy who played the role of 'Durian' sisters in the movie '881' graced the event.
In a crowded situation, we do away with tables and draw in a standing position which is more interactive.
In a crowded situation, we do away with tables and draw in a standing position which is more interactive and engaging.



Children Caricature Party

We do house-calls for parties. I was engaged to do caricatures at a birthday party of a sweet girl called Dorcas. All her friends were excited to have their caricatures done. Even the mommies and daddies covet for the drawings but it’s exclusive for our VVIPs — the children only. ;p After all the caricatures were done, Dorcas’ mommy displayed them on strings hanging at the living room’s wall. Using just clothes pag, she display them like a mini exhibition! What a wonderful and innovative idea!! So the chldren played games, sing songs and mingle with their friends in an artistic yet fun environment! At the end of the party, each child brought back some nice memories and of course a caricature of themselves as gifts. 🙂

The birthday girl sitting prim and proper for her caricature.

A mini exhibition of the VVIPs !!
Ruoshi and the happy family.