Illustrations for BP Singapore Work Seminar


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I was called upon to do a series of illustrations for BP (British Petroleum) Singapore. It was for a training seminar. They had a military theme and the training sessions would simulate a platoon briefings in a war zone. Hence they need someone to prepare field graphics which means urgent job and the finishing need not be very polished. There were several topics covered by numerous department heads which I interviewed individually and put their ideas into illustrations. Due to the confidentiality of this ‘military operation’, I can only show a few cropped samples here. I also did a spot illustration for an article in their newsletters. Its been ages since I last did an editorial spot illustration. I started out in 1993 as a freelance illustrator for several key magazines in Singapore. But I gave that up within a year to start and manage a graphic design company.

National service cartoon drawing of soldiers and carmy caricatures for funny miltary humour

Army caricature of soldiers in funny miltary humour. Navy and air force, marines, police, commando

Singapore Caricature Artists: Kamal & Ruoshi

Kamal and Ruoshi are professional artists offering caricature drawing services alongside their other practices in visual arts. For enquiries on rates or ordering, please call Kamal (+65) 96805094 / Ruoshi (+65) 98573730 or email us at:

For more background info on the artists, please go to their personal blog entries on caricatures, cartoon drawings and art education.

Singapore artists for drawing caricatures and funny cartoon illustrations

Kamal Dollah and Ye Ruoshi