A Family of 4 Caricature and Mugshots for Icons


This is a special gift for a family. This is the request from a thoughtful family member:
I have attached a family photo that we want to convert to a cartoon image, we would also like to have individual characters of each of us to use as Icons. I am based locally here in Singapore.

So, we asked him to provide us with a descriptions and he goes:

I have a thought – can you make sure it is Landscape and reflects a visit and short stay to Singapore…”

So Marina Bay Sands, and the Flyer, in there somewhere with the family in casual mode with kids sporty, little guy is rugby so New Zealand All Blacks jersey (the one he has on in the photo) and the big one is soccer say Manchester City (couple of pictures of jerseys attached) whatever else you want to fit in that is Singapore??

Mum is a hairdresser so big hair lots of flowing blond curls etc – like in the photo.

2013-03-08-caricature-mugshot-1 2013-03-08-mughshot-2 2013-03-08-mughsot-3 2013-03-08-mugshot-4

Marathon Themed Couple Caricature


She dropped us an email informing us that she would like to do a couple,wedding caricature of themselves. In her email, she furnish us with the details of how she would like us to draw them in. Below are the  brief descriptive details which was provided:

…Both of us love running and so I thought you could have us in a marathon theme, holding hands, in my wedding dress and his tuxedo (including the race bib). And with this few places in the background: 1. The building of our secondary school (I will send the photo once I got it), 2. Merlion, 3. The Changi Airport Control tower with airplane flying over it…

Superhero Couple Theme: Mario & Wonderwoman


Some wrote in to us, requesting us to do a superhero theme couple caricature. Her description are as follow:

My dear friend just got married last month and she is back just for a week in SG. I’m hoping if you can do a caricature of the newlywed as a wedding gift.
2 people in drawing
Head and body (super hero like costumes but high heels for lady and soccer boots for man)
Size A3
no background required

The couple loves Super Mario Games if the character works, if not what you suggested is fine. More importantly is the footwear, football boots as the husband is a footballer and my girlfriend just have to look pretty with her eyelashes and high heels.


Armed and Romantic on a Plane – Wedding Couple Caricature.

Groom is armed with AUG Steyr rifle and bride is drunk with Champagne.

He request to personalized his wedding caricature based on an earlier drawing we did of another couple on a plane:

We are getting married in Phuket, so there is no need to have the detail of Singapore underneath the aircraft. Perhaps some tropical island setting? However is there any chance of making the aircraft similar to an Qantas A380 (4 engines), but still with the love hearts. eg. same picture of the aircraft just with an extra engine on each side.We would like to have an A3 size picture with a border around the outside, so it can be signed by guests at our wedding.To personalise the pictures we would like to have the following:
Glen: Black Tuxedo Suit holding a “AUG Steyr Rifle” (see attached picture)
Michelle: White wedding dress holding a glass / flute of champagne
Perhaps we could be the reverse of the drawing provided ie Glen on the left side of the picture (where the woman currently is), with the weapon in my right hand. Then Michelle can have the glass of champagne in her left hand.