We offer cartoon and caricature drawing classes for schools. We also customise corporate training programmes. We do not conduct individual coaching.

Cartoon/Caricature Drawing Class for Schools

We are an endorsed art education provider for the National Arts Council Art Enrichment Programme.

Learning how to draw cartoon caricatures in schools. Program endorsed by National Arts Council (NAC) Art Enrichment Programme (AEP)

For a clearer view of the brochure above, click here to download: PDF version.
Apologies: We have discontinued our evening class for the public or individual coaching.

22 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Hi Mr.Kamal,

    I would like to get a few details regarding your classes.
    Like the schedule and timings and rates.
    I’m working in singapore. So I would only be able to attend weekend classes or late evening weekday classes.

    Please advise.


  2. hello, whats your doing is very nice and creative, i had a question, is this workshop only in Singapore or you have workshops other places, like in Dubai or middle east..

    thank you

  3. Hi Kamal,

    I would like to make an inquiry if your school provides a tutorial on cariture like one-on-one tutorial? I asked Ms. Suhailah on this matter since I have a hard time arranging for the Wednesday class. I work at night and most of the time, I work on Wednesday nights
    Hope that you can provide other time slots in the future.

    Teddy Andres

  4. Hi Kamal ,
    Thanks for the reply, but can your school offer other times on weekdays?
    I’m truly serious on this matters and will make adjustments if a tutorial can be provided on weekdays.
    Hope you will provide some answers.


  5. Dear Kamal

    I’m interested in this caricature beginner class. Can i know when is the next class starting?

    Thanks alot!

  6. Hi,

    I would like to sign up for your class, may i know when is the next class starting?


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