Blackmatch Racing Team Sponsored by FedEx – Gift Caricature Drawing

Fedex gift to their sponsored sailors from New Zealand. Client requested that we leave some space at the bottom for them to add their personal message and signatures.5 man sailing on yacth caricature

Appreciation Gift Caricature Drawing for Manager of Publishing Company

Manager with white hard hat caricature. Smiling with stacks of book.

This is an appreciation gift for a manager-in-charge of shifting a publishing and distribution facility of a big publishing company. He often holds a blue loud hailer during the operation.

Bikini Lady By The Beach- Gift Caricature Drawing

Caricature of lady in bikini by the beach

A poolside party in Phuket, looking great in a gorgeous bikini with high heels holding on to a cocktail with a little umbrella; that was how she requested her best friend to be drawn as. A surprise caricature drawing gift to remind her of the great birthday party.

An Event Company Dinner and Dance – Charcoal Caricature Live Drawing Event

Indian guy smiling with his charcoal caricatureWomen showing off caricature of herself by


Sometimes event company wants us to draw in charcoal instead of normal marker technique for caricature drawing.

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Gift Caricature Drawing

guy caricature celebrating chibese new year

A surprise caricature drawing gift for a colleague with a Chinese New Year theme. Was requested to draw him with his signature hand pose.

Bank Executives Regular Meeting Session at Coffee Shop – Group Caricature Drawing

Caricature of Citibank Group at Killeney Coffee

A caricature drawing farewell gift to one of the colleagues, as a way to remember their usual meeting session at the coffee shop.