Caricature booth at Parkway Parade Art-A-Fair

Caricature retail booth at parkway parade art fair

The weekend (8 & 9th March) was a busy one for us. We were invited to participated in the Parkway Parade’s Art-A-Fair for the second time. This time we introduced speed colour caricature drawings on-the-spot, which was such a hit with the shoppers that we were busy drawing from 10am-10pm. Customers were game for exaggerations and they were fun to draw. It was satisfying for the customers and entertaining for the other shoppers that pile up behind us and because we were visible from the atrium there were many more spectators peering down from the balconies above us.

Spiderman caricatures and other superhero cartoon drawing by artists in Singapore
There were countless requests for Spiderman and other superheroes at Kamal’s station…

Cheerleader, fairies and ballerina caricature drawn by Singapore Caricaturists for children
Cheerleader, fairies and ballerina caricature drawn by Singapore Caricature artists for children birthday parties

… cheerleaders, ballerinas and fairies aplenty at Ruoshi’s station.

Portrait artist and caricature artist trainee at caricature booth
We had help from Shireen (foreground) who administer the sales and we also featured our old friend and watercolour mentor Mr. Idris (background) who offered tradional portrait drawing with pencil.

Art appreciation in Singapore for the masses at public event by Singaporean artists
Kamal was in hat and shades because the sun shines through the atrium at times, making it too bright to see properly. Looking like an artist with a bad attitude was just accidental. logo for commercial caricature drawing services in Singapore
Its official now. Now that we’ve launched our new logo at the fair.

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