Four Weddings And No Funeral

We had a busy week drawing studio caricatures of four wedding couples. Every wedding is unique and each have their own little story to tell. They come from different cultural background, which is truly reflective of our multi-racial country Singapore.

The bride ordered this caricature to be framed and placed at the void deck where they will hold their Malay wedding reception. They met on a popular Malay web/chat portal: so we suggested a gag with a speech bubble that translates: "You guys are already on the wedding dais and still chatting". We pasted in the bride and groom photographs into the computer screens and added some mild Malay humor.
This is a mixed marriage for an Indian groom marrying a Chinese bride. So we fall back on our knowledge of Asian art and drew inspiration from Indian miniature paintings and some Chinese motif to come out with this picture of an Indian prince eloping with a Chinese princess on a white horse. We work in a team as always for our drawings. Kamal did the concepts and inking while Ruoshi did the colouring using coloured markers which was very time consuming.
A wedding planner contacted us to draw an A2 size sign-in welcome board for this couple. All we have was their photo on a boat trip to Tioman and another picture of a pink dress that the bride will be wearing. We did our best to add some fun to their wedding.
This is a gift from the sister of the bride to couple who loves to Karaoke and is a Formula One GP (F1) racing fan.

We sincerely wish all the wedding couple a joyous occasion and may they have a blissful life together.