Farewell Caricature for CEO of 7-11

This is a farewell gift for the CEO of 7-11 and they wanted a ‘big-gulp’ sized caricature. Our usual assignments are A4 or A3, but this is A1 size and there were lots of specific items in the gag. It shows all the different interests and achievements of this great man and also included some of his peculiarities.  As a result, the caricature is not only a funny gag, but an interesting narrative of his career. I did not realise that there were more than four hundred 7-11 stores in Singapore until I saw their corporate video for reference. So unlike the usual photo for reference, I was studying him by video which is better material but not easier.
7-11 Singapore Caricature Boss 2
Holy cow! Its Abigail Chay, the hottest babe in Singapore and she has yellow latex gloves with tongs in her hand eyeing for the ahem… Well this is subliminal messaging requested by his staff that I’m not privy to. Hmmm… a state worthy of analysis by Sigmund Freud I suppose.

7-11 Singapore Caricature Boss 3

Caricature for Nokia Executive as Farewell Gift.


He is giving up the rat-race and going back to Serawak for the simpler life. We drew him becoming an Iban warrior doing the warrior dance on a longhouse bamboo floor and tossing away his laptop. The Ibans are a head-hunter tribe in Serawak.

Huntsmen Retirement Gift for Senior Executive

Huntsmen Pte Ltd contacted Ruoshi for the forth time to do farewell gift caricatures for their senior executive. Most of the time it is in black and white which would include all the staff in the department. This time however, they requested for it in colour of the same person in multiple roles.


One lady with four personalities.
One lady with four personalities.