NLB Lady who loves nature – Gift Caricature Drawing


Another caricature order from our regular librarian for his colleague. Described by her colleagues as someone who love nature and theatre.

Chinese New Year 2011 – Celebrity Caricature Drawing

An event company hired us to draw famous Mediacorp comedians Henry Thia (Hue Ge) and Mark Lee for their email campaign. Its for a Chinese New Year promotion.
Studio Caricature for Mark Lee and friend for Chinese New Year 2011
Wishing everybody a prosperous Lunar New Year of the rabbit.

Caricature for Manager Who Loves Car

Wearing a short sleeved blue shirt, Red Ford V8 in the background (with the mercedes emblem crossed out and a toyota emblem instead), McDonald's Cappancino in one hand (have the McDonald's logo on the cup) and the other hand on his hip, wearing a smile on his face and emphasise his nice brown eyes. Words surrounding the car/picture should say 'Simplification', 'Standardisation'.