Boss Playing Golf with Singapore and Thailand Landmark

Caricature order based on our customer’s request:

1) To have an A3 color picture showing the president playing golf
2) Background to have an iconic landmark of both Singapore and Thailand
— Singapore can be MBS or Merlion
— Thailand to be the Royal Palace
3) Do leave some space as about 3-4 management want to sign on the painting, perharps with a short farewell message.
4) To have a frame for the picture as well.

Finance Controller In Golf/Bowling Attire in Golf Cart Heading For Germany



A caricature of Financial Controller wearing bowling/golf  attire on a golf cart surrounded by bowling pins,  bowling ball, golf sticks and trophies while his right hand is holding onto the golf cart steering wheel and another  holding a calculator. He’s also been portrayed with a big goofy smile. And as for the background we gave him a golf course backdrop with an arrow sign pointing towards Germany as he is heading  towards Germany from Singapore for work.



Abbot Senior Staff – Gift Caricature Drawing

Caricature of Abbot senior staff farewell gift by Singapore artist Kamal Dollah. Boss Farewell gift.
A farewell gift for boss who is to be posted to Thailand. He studies Chinese culture and love golfing so we drew him as master Q a popular Chinese comic character of the past.

“Fore!” -Gift Caricature Drawing

“A little info about the gentleman below, he is leaving Singapore for  Vietnam on an oversea assignment, hence I was thinking if you could include a drawing of Singapore flag somewhere will look nice.He is also an avid golf fan who play golf regularly, thus I would like to have Golf as the theme.”
Gift Caricature Drawing - Theme - Collegues