Old School Army Uniform for GPMG Instructor Gift Caricature


This is a caricature gift for a platoon reunion of sort. I belief the person getting it is no longer in the service. Client requested that we drew the subject in old SAF No.4 camouflage, not the current pixelated design. The weapon is a special request too and we had fun researching and drawing the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). One have to be extremely strong or crazy like Rambo to be able to handle the GPMG with one arm and manage ammo with the other, but this is a cartoon drawing so anything is possible. To suggest the School of Provost we added the white boot laces – small details but it mattered to those who know that Provost/Military Police wore white laces.

Inspirational Caricature Gift for Soldier in Basic Military Training

Caricature of a soldierParents and loved one of soldiers undergoing basic military training (BMT) are encouraged to write letters inspiring them to be better soldiers. One mother had this clever idea that a picture spoke a thousand words and decided to have his son drawn by us and mailed it to him. This would be hanging in some metal locker in a barrack at some army camp I suppose. Those boys sure could do with a good laugh during this tough phase in their life adjusting to military life. Some inspirational message was added in alongside the SAR 21 rifle and SAF pixelated camouflage combat uniform.

Farewell Gift Caricature for Air Force Colonel by his Staff

The colonel of an RSAF unit operating the i-hawk surface to air missiles. They ensure the peaceful skies, a civilian plane and tower is requested in the background. He is a family loving person so the family members is included in the picture too. This is a farewell gift from his staff who appreciates his leadership.

Caricature for Army Officer – A Farewell Gift for S3 of 3AMB

Client request that this Army Major is drawn infront of some military barrack holding up seven plastic toy soldiers. Them little green men to represent his staff who got him this gift.