Farewell caricatures for BP Singapore staff

BP Singapore caricature for staff service commemoration gift as parting gifts

This looks very crowded I know, but our customer (BP Singapore) had a brain-storming session and came out with a long list of ideas to caricature the illustrious career of these two colleagues that is leaving. The joke is highly internal, so we do the best to spice up the humour based on their worded instructions. Composition is a challenge given that each picture comprises of three themes with separate setting and is required to be given equal weight. If given a choice, I would have opted to focus on just one trait of the person instead of all three which risks having the painting lacking a focal point. Though challenging, it was fun to work on so many details and the customers had no problem paying for their special request. The thrill of drawing Red Power Ranger fighting demonic kangaroos and koala or a Singapore-girl pole dancing in her ‘kebaya’ is simply priceless.

Slutty SIA girl who plays rugby with the boys and does a Kate Winslet Titanic pose on a LPG ship

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