The perfect wedding gift.

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A friend would like to have a caricature of her best friend done in time for her wedding. Her requests we made over email accompanied with images.

It would be for my friend, who is getting married in June.  She spent the henn’s night in Paris. 

I’d like to place the order for an A3 full body single person caricature including the drawing of the Eiffel Tower and my friend sitting on the pony.
 The dress that my friend is wearing should be in red, like the one she is wearing in the attached photo.


Face Painting at Passion Art Event ~ Yishun East

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We’re up early and painting from 8:30am Sunday morning at this Community Arts Event. Free face-painting for the public till after noon.

Mugshot Caricature With a Purple Tie

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Caricature for Japanese boss

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2013-04-12-TMAP-Customer-First-Group-Ski-Mountain-Golf 2013-04-15-TMAP-Customer-First-Group--Golf-Singapore-Merlion-Japense-Couple-Boss

A returning customer who requested for another 2 caricature for her other bosses.

So in summary,

Request 1
A couple portrait as per attached photo

Description to be drawn:
– Male and Female Playing golf
– Singapore landscape
– Do not draw mustache for the male

Request 2

A single portrait as per attached photo,

Description to be drawn:
- Male skiing on a Ski mountain towards the foreground
- Foreground to be a gold course as he likes both skiing and golf

Look In The Sky – Its Captain Bola and Bola Boy!!!

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A customer has a unique request for her husband’s birthday gift.

“I would like to order an A3 caricature for 2 people plus the A3 frame.
As spoken, I would like to have a caricature of my husband and son in super hero depiction.
Can you please feature soccer balls in the superhero depiction as my husband is soccer-mad.”
As she did not ask for any specific superheroes, we created an original superhero for them. She was pleasantly surprised and delighted when she came to collect the caricature.

Gift for the Commanding Officer of Military Boot Camp

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Caricature as Parting Gift for a Caring Boss

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We would like to make an order for a colored (with body situation) A3 Caricature Drawing. In addition to that we would also like to frame the drawing up. This will be a gift and we are thinking of writing messages around the drawing. Therefore, we hope that there will be space for approximately 20 short-messages to be written around the drawing. A little background so as to incorporate appropriate characteristics into your drawing: she is our boss and works in the Early Childhood industry. Since our Division oversees all child care centers in Singapore, I have mentioned typical phrases that may be helpful in your artistic expression:

-          Licensing visit report

-          Assessment standards.

-          Legislation

-          Child Care Centers Act

-          Improving standards

-          Empowerment

-          Public Feedback

-          Empathy

Please mention her name and to mention “Child Care Division” (in small print) at the edge. This is for her to remember by in years to come. Please have the month and year (March 2013) mentioned too  (in small print)- similar to that of “Child Care Division”. Our lady boss advocates use of IT in our work, is gentle and firm. She is on the plump side. To add, of course no need to use all the phrases… just select whichever are suitable

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